Tryton Development Environment

I’m new to Tryton and new to Python. I just wonder which development environments do you prefer? Why, why not?

I’m coming from PHP development environment. I use Ubuntu and I do not prefer closed source IDEs and tools.

Which open source IDE is better for developing Tryton modules?
Are there any documentations for development?


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For tryton development I will recomend you using a python virtualenv with all the source code cloned inside.

If you develop you own modules you can just create a python package and install it on a fresh virtualenv. The should be defined to include all python package dependencies. Have a look at our
cookiecutter template in order to have some reference for custom python packages.

We do not force any IDE. You can use any editor but you should have preference for the ones that support python development and have some tools for this language.

All our documentation is available on our website.

There is also presentation papers about how to write your first tryton module and a workshop that guides you through the first steps of development

Feel free to ask any questions here or on the other community channels.

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