How to distinct moves already assigned to a package?


When using packages with customer shipments, it’s difficult to identify the correct move (not already packaged) to choose when using stock_split on the outgoing moves.

In my example, i split the both outgoing moves (20 Kg in 4 x 5 Kg and 2000 Unit in 2 x 1000 Unit).
I define root package as “Pallet” then 2 children packages “Box”: when selecting moves they are identically the same. So i select first move line. Then i click on “Ok”. Nothing is displayed in the children list. Then i want to add a second children package. When selecting the moves, both moves are still there, so it’s difficult to identify which one is already linked to a package.
The solution would be to save each time when adding a package but it’s quite restrictive.

Here’s a small video to illustrate the problem:

Indeed the design was not really made to be used directly from the client but indeed with application like Ceryx.
Like you say the solution is to save each time a move it put in a pack. So maybe we should be using a wizard to fill packages. But it should be carefully designed to ease the filled of the package tree without having the user to remember which package to use etc. Probably it should always fill the last package by default, allow to add sub-package or sibling and select parent.