Unassign certain products on customer shipment

We find in some scenarios that users would like to unassign certain products but not unassign all products on a partial assigned customer shipment.
For instance we have a shipment with 3 different products/moves and two of them are assigned. They would like to unassign only one of them, to use it in another shipment that can be served.
Actually the system has the “wait” button that set to draft all products/moves of the shipment.

This could be achieved adding a “wait_wizard” which ask for moves to unassign.

Hi Sergio,
A similar scenario was already discussed in this other topic.
I also saw that there is an issue created that implements a wizard, but It is still being tested.
Hope it helps.

I just realized that the patch is for stock_assign_manual module and maybe in your case you are not using it.

Thanks @oscarQ, I didn’t remember this topic. I will take a look to the issue.

Actually I’m not using it.