How i can delete the incremented number on the subject of dunning email

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Is it possible delete the incremental number (the number exist behind the string “Dunning Email” )from the subject of the email dunning ?
Dunning Email -1


if yes where i should go exactly to delete that, i have searched on module “account_dunning” and “account_dunning_email” but i didn’t find this incremented number.

Thanks in advance.

I guess such incremental number is the id of the record. The id is show because the Dunning record does not have any rec name defined.

Defining a meaningfull rec_name should fix the issue.

What do you expect to be shown instead?

P.S: It will be great where such string is shown as It is not so much clear from your message.

I want just to show the string " Dunning Email " in the subject of the email sent after process the dunning without any other id number

can you explain more where should I do that , did u mean add a method get_rec_name on the module account_dunning_email?

This has been fixed by Issue 10724: Do not add record name to title of email report - Tryton issue tracker

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