How can i avoid to print when i have many records in my reports context?

Hi community!
i’m trying to generate a a report using many entries in my tree view, it works fine if i only select one entry but with several entries print them instead to generate a report.

How you defined you report template?

In order to support multiple record the template nust have a for loop that iterates over the records variable. This variable wil be set with all the selected records.

You can define the with single field set to True (like the invoice). With this setup, records will always contain a single record.

Cedric, thanks for your idea; but my program print a report when i selected several records automatically before to display the report; and i don’t want that.

I do not understand what you mean.

Could you explain what do you want?

well, when i select several records and i want to generate a report from them first the report to print and then to display the report in office program; but i don’t want the report print, only display it

Sorry, for me there are too many words put together to understand the meaning.

So do not print it.

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