How to avoid printing the detailed invoice report in the account_invoice module (WINDOWS)

When trying to see the detailed report in .xls format of an invoice, excel is executed normally, the problem is when I want to visualize the report of several invoices at the same time, in that case, the excel is executed and immediately the program closes and prints the report, when I just want to visualize it, how to avoid it.

Are you sure it’s a .xls format ? By default reports are generated in .odt.

This is because the invoice report is design to create one file per invoice.
So in older version of Tryton, if you select more than one invoice, it prints it directly to the printer all the reports. In newer version, it will open a zip file with all the files.

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I am extracting information from several invoices from the tree and enclosing them in a single report but even that only excel is printed

So it means that you have configured your report to be single and direct print.
Please check your