How to get the value of Filter on the search bar


I intend to print the report which on top of the report want to show the Filter criteria.
Is it possible to get the Filter Value?

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I’m afraid you can’t access to this filter value.

And it would make no sense as the report print only the selected value so the filter represent nothing about the selection.


I asked this because sometime during Audit, we will need to print report as a hard copy prove.
And sometime need to prove the criteria use for printing the report.

Currently, to archieve this, we create the wizard for this purpose for same result.

If there is way to get the “Filter” will be good. I think

Could you elaborate about such prove? What do you need to prove? And to whom?

Currently we have a bonded warehouse:
Our auditor is Custom. They want to request the Supplier Shipment Report with the range of Date.
And Move report with range of date.

I had create a module to print those records in the list (with criteria of Date range).
However, those auditor sometime want to request other criteria such as Supplier, or others.

Due to government (Indonesia), beside soft system to prove, they need to have hard copy.
The report with criteria is the prove when they do the Audit for stocks

If it is a specific report (with a specific format). Than you should create a wizard which requests the criteria and generate a report using the criteria that you will have on server-side. So you will no more rely on the user to correctly select the proper records.

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Indeed it will be great to allow to run reports (and exports) without selecting any record and thus executing for all the records that match the current client domain.
This will be usefull for executing the reports for a number of records longer than the client records limit.

CTRL+a selects all the records.

The result may not be what the user see on the screen in such case. I do not think it will be a good feature. If a report requires a specific selection than it should go with a wizard.

I think the way GMail works would be correct here. In GMail, when the user selects all records a message appears asking the user if she wants to actually select all records:

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We have a search limit on the client side (1000 by default) to avoid exceeding the limit of the client host. Giving the options to select more means to remove the limit as we need the ids of all the records. I do not think it is a good thing to do. The use may still increase the limit if he needs more records.

More over for this topic, it will not solve the problem because we can not ensure on server-side that the list of records match a specific domain. So the wizard is still the proper solution.

Where is the option in clients (gtk and sao) user can temporarily changes that limit?

I do not thinkg we should load all the ids on the client side but only the domain and perform the search directly on server side. Gmail only shows the number of record afected by the domain and thats some information we already have computed on client side.

For me it should behave like Issue 5926: Allow to delete with a domain - Tryton issue tracker but also for exports and reports.

I can not see any real usage of such feature. It can not be used to solve the initial request of this topic.

It will allow to simply define the report on the model and execute it directly from the list of shipments instead of having to create a custom wizard for it.

For me, it is not a proper solution. The report must always contain a specific sets of records. Let users select them will create wrong reports most of the time.

You can also sort the records by column and then print them. But will they be printed in the same ordering or in the default one? I fully agree with @ced to use a wizard for this.

Currently the client send the list of ids ordered like they are displayed in the client. The report by default take this order.