Error in install a module created with cookiecutter-tryton

When creating the module with:

module_name [my_module]: reports
prefix []: reports
package_name [reports_reports]: 
version []: 6.0.0
description []: module con reports in cds
author [Tryton]: 
author_email []: 
fullname []: 
url []: 
keywords []: 
test_with_scenario []:

I give it the following data, but when installing the module it throws me the following error.

error in trytoncdst_reports-cds setup command: ("EntryPoint must be in 'name=module:attrs [extras]' format", 'cdst-reports = trytond.modules.cdst-reports')

greetings to all

From the error, this is not what you entered as module name but probably cdst-reports which is not a valid python module name.
Cookiecutter can not make such validation.

Si, tenias razón el problema era ese nombre, por favor me recomiendas tips para mejorar los nombres de futuros modulos a crear con cookiecutter y no saber que nombres no puedo usar.


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