'digits' option for fields.Float

I want a Float field to display only two digits to the right of the decimal, but to have no constraint on the number of digits to the left of the decimal.

From the documentation[1], digits is:

A tuple of two integers. The first integer defines the total of numbers in the integer part. The second integer defines the total of numbers in the decimal part. . . . If digits is None or any values of the tuple is None, no validation on the numbers will be done.

When I attempt to place None as the first item in the tuple, server startup fails with the error, AssertionError: digits must be tuple of integers or PYSON.

Is there a way to accomplish my goal? Thanks, in advance, for your advice.

[1] Fields — trytond latest documentation

We do not seem to support on server side None as digits value.
Indeed from sometimes now, I think it is pointless to have a constraint on the integer of a float. I guess we should progressively support to have just an integer for digits which represent the number of decimal digits.
Until that you could use for example 16 (which is the common value) but indeed it has no impact.

Understood. Thank you.