Increase number of digits for cost/list price on products

is there a way to iIncrease number of digits for cost/list price on products. I initially entered 4 digits but would like to increase this to 6 digits.


Hi @wmeijs

if you are using a configuration file only add:

price_decimal = 6

Hi Jose,
Thank you for your kind reply.
Is there a way to access this field using the gui or do I need to change it in a different way?
I am relatively new to Tryton…

No because it affect the database schema and the validity of the data.
This is a parameter that must be set once for all (or only increase).

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try to rephrase my question: What entries I have to make to increase this field?
I just need a simple guideline to change it from 4 to 6 digits.

As @joseagrc said, you have to modify your configuration file adding this section:

The configuration file is the one you are calling when starting the server with the parameter -c.
If you are not using any config file you should create it.

I’m sorry but I still do not understand. I am not a programmer but an end user, I just want to test Tryton on it’s functionality.
Please provide the entries I have to make to make this work.

Well, it’s not a parameter you can modify thorught the inteface so you need to have access to the server and edit the configuration file.
Do you know where are all the tryton files? If not, I think that we can’t help you… :slightly_frowning_face:
You should ask first to the one who installed tryton where did he installed it.

I think I got it now. It was not clear to me I had to look for the trytond.config file…
I found the digit section in this file and restarted the server with sudo service tryton-server restart.
You also mentioned something with a parameter -c. Can you please explain this. Do I need to restart the server with sudo service tryton-server restart -c…
I also noticed that after restarting the server and going back to the gui that when entering a new product the field product template has disappeared. I could still add a new product but I was wondering why this al of a sudden now seems to have disappeared…
Thanks for you assistance!

Fiirst fo all, did the digits increase to 6 after restarting the server?

Well, if you are restarting the server this way, I think that it’s not needed to specify the -c parameter so you better forget it.

Are you sure that you are not creating a product instead of a variant? The product is the template so you only will find the product template field if you are on the variant form.

Yes, the digits changed from 4 to 6. Thank you for helping on this one!
In both creating a product or variant I do not see the product template field anymore which used to be there before changing the digits.
I am not sure if this will effect the ongoing testing but I guess I need to find out…
As a matter of fact I did not understand the concept of adding a product template on top/besides a product. To me it is the same and which might as well be combined into 1. I guess it’s because of coding reasons but as a user it is difficult to understand why to enter two levels on product information.
I will continue testing. Thank you very much for your kind assistance in this matter and enjoy your day!!

I don’t know how is it possible, but I’m sure that it’s not due to the changing digits.

I understand you and I agree, it’s something discussed a lot of times but there is not enought consensus to make this change.

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