Date in accounting bank statements movements

Dates in bank statement movements are not loaded from the calendar in the date field, it is only possible to register the date by transcribing it manually, I do not know if it is an error or simply a small detail to be polished in the system.

I’m not sure to understand your problem.
There is no diference on the bank statement date widget from the other date widgets.

Could you share an screenshot of the problem? Could you describe on which version you did find it?

Right in that field where the calendar appears when clicking to select the date this returns a blank and does not leave the selected date, as it does in the date that is at the top, therefore to include the date you must use the keyboard, I’ve only seen this happen in that specific field.

I thought it was the version, but from 5.0 to the current 6.0. The same behavior continues to occur, it is not something that takes away your sleep but if you are not attentive when saving or applying the seat change, the error will skip asking for the date.

I guess it’s a bug with the editsble list date widget.

Could you please report it to:

It should be fixed by Issue 10443: Editable date cell stop edition when calendar popup is shown - Tryton issue tracker
By the way I could not reproduce it on 5.0.

Thanks to both of you for the clarification, Sorry I don’t have version 5.0 running anymore.