Date field becomes empty when focus is changed

I am facing a problem in using the Tryton Client. I created a date field in my customized module. As soon as enter the date and the focus is shifted from the date field, it becomes empty. I am facing this problem in Tryton GTK client and not when using Sao. I am running Tryton client version 5.0.5 on Ubuntu 18.04.

Are you sure to enter a date with a correct format? If the parser can not parse it, it just remove the content.

I am using the Date wizard to use this. Please see the link here -

It looks like you system is using a very weird date format with week day. I guess dateutil parser can not parse it. Could you try with a more standard date format? If it is the problem, I think we should fill an issue to improve this behavior. We could try before parsing with dateutil, to parse with the datetime.strptime for strict matching.

Ok let me try it and then I will let you know with the progress.

@ced The issue is due to a code in tryton/ I have raised the issue. Ref - Issue 8087: Date field becomes empty when focus is changed - Tryton issue tracker.