Cron task and popup notification with url

Hi, I am trying to add a cron task to popup an info box every hour to show a list of rooms and upcoming meetings. And the user should be able to click the rooms and redirect to the tab/url.

I tried using notify but sadly notify cant be customized to redirect to a specific url.
I tried using wizard too but couldn’t find any way to auto popup a wizard using Scheduled Actions.

May I know if there’s any suggestion on how to achieve my requirement? Thank you

This is typically a use case for the notification. But for now they do not support any action when clicked. It could be possible to implement it in sao with the Notification.onclick callback. But on tryton the GNotification support only to trigger application-wide action. Maybe it could trigger the url_open using the g_notification_set_default_action_and_target_value method with a target value as a partial URL.

I’m wondering if we should not allow to include some buttons on the notification (which will call a method on the server). This will allow to trigger any button_action on the server.

This is tipicaly the case when you popup a notification and want the user to open a specific record or start a wizard to process some records.

A notification should notify about one thing. So I do not see the point to have more than one action.

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