Simple information dialog


I do not know whether I missed.
is there any Pop up dialog in tryton other than UserError or Warning?

because sometime want to just show simple success dialog box for interaction to user.
or anything which can serve for informayion purpose

You can define a confirm dialog before pressing a button.
For success dialog you should execute process within a wizard and define a last stateview for the dialog.

If nothing happened then the action has been successful :wink:.

But you could also use the notifications for small transient notifications if you like.

yes… before confirmation, button able to do it…
but after action done, it is cannot…

hahaha… but wizard is too much effort… however, some of scenario… I am using wizard :sweat_smile:


haha… yes, i am trying to avoid nothing happened. as you know, sometime user will not able to understand that.

yup, i am looking on notification now

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