Credit card payment fees

Hi, can anybody provide some tips on how to register the credit card (CC) company transaction fees that are deducted from the total payment deposited into the company’s bank account. I have been thinking that the best place to record this fee is in the invoice account move, because the final amount in receivables will match the deposited amount, hence it will make reconciliation happen nicely. However this fee may not be know ahead of time as the customer may choose a different payment method, hence the fee is only computed and deducted upon payment with CC. The current account_payment module doesn’t have feature to register this, so I would like to hear from the Tryton community on how they are handling this?

Also, some banks are withholding a 2% of VAT from the total amount with using CC, which becomes a credit that deducts taxes to pay at the end of the period. This kind of tax is again know at the moment of payment.

For me you have to register the full payment of the customer and a separate expense line for the fee. Both will have to be reconciled with the customer invoice and the supplier invoice of the fee.

Where and when will this separate expense line be created? At the moment when the customer invoice is posted and the account move is created? Or in another “supplier invoice”?
The problems is that for CC transactions fees the bank does not issue a supplier invoice, they just deduct from the customer payment when the funds are deposit into the company (our business) account. The bank will then send a monthly summary report for what was deducted. The way it is currently handled is by creating manual account moves, but this is a bit messy, so I was hoping to find something more per invoice/transaction and automatic solution.

You should record it when the payment is registered on the system.
For example, if you encode the bank moves (or even all the CC transactions) in a statement you should be able to record the fee when encoding the statement.

If the fee is calculated using a formula you can use the account_statement_rule module to automate the creation of the expense line and the customer payment line based on the formula.

Thank you Sergi for the tip, I will look into the account_statement_rule module.