How to manage credit card statements


some of my supplier invoices are paid by credit card. The month after those payments were made, I receive a credit card statement with all payments and a global amount, which is taken from my bank account.

Until now, since I really didn’t know how to handle them, I just put all those amounts in a 499 account (to be processed) when the bank took them. And the invoices stayed open. That’s not a problem in day to day management because there are not a lot of them, and I know them.

But still, I now need to clean those :slight_smile:

I could just manually create the moves from 499 to the clients and reconcile the entries, but maybe there’s something better ? What is the best way to manage credit card payments to suppliers in tryton ?


I guess you are using the Belgian chart of account so 499 is the waiting account.

One way would be when encoding the paid supplier invoice to launch the payment wizard using a method with a sub-account 499 for each card.
Then when encoding the bank statement, the line for the credit card must be set against this sub-account.
The drawback is that you do not encode the credit card statement in the system but you can still mark the sub-account for reconciliation so you can check the balance.

Another way (which requires some improvements) would be to be able to create a payment record from the invoice (it can be done only from lines to pay for now). This way the invoice is temporary paid (at least for the account payment module) or actually paid if you are using the account payment clearing (with for example the 499 account).
Then you can encode the credit card statement and link each line with the proper payment (created from the invoice). It will create a line from the account on the line of the payment or the clearing account.
At the end of the credit card statement, you should add a line to clear the total amount with a 58 account.
Then on the bank statement, the line that correspond to the credit card statement you must use also the 58 account.

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