Closing a warehouse

Recently, I gave up a storage location. I transferrd all the contents (with a rented Mercedes station wagon loaded slightly beyond its limits, squeaking distressingly…), but now this needs to be done in Tryton as well.

How do I? - When trying to create an internal move, the “execute” button is grayed out when filling in the correct origin warehouse.

NB: Is there a chance not having to touch everey single item, but doing it somehow efficiently?


You must empty all the locations of all the products using internal shipment. Then you will be allowed to inactivate the warehouse and its locations.

There is no wizard to create automatically such shipment. But indeed it is probably a good opportunity to record exactly what was moved out of it and check that the data are correct (a kind of last inventory).

Bildschirmfoto von 2021-04-10 19-54-40

This is how my present warehouse setup looks like. When I try to create a move from a “storage” location, the “DO” button gets grayed out. Only “Supplier” and “transit” seem to be allowed.
What’s my mistake?


As I said you must use an internal shipment.

Ah. I thought to create an internal shipment, I need to create move(s) first. Thank you!

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