Cannot reverse a stock move

How do I reverse an initial stock move? I have a list of items with their quantity and cost that I enter to the system by creating a series of initial stock move. These moves have the from location = lost and found and to location = Storage. I click on Do and everything is saved as expected. However, due to an inventory error, one of the items in the initial list has its quantities off by 2 units, hence I would like to reverse the initial stock move and enter the correct value again.

I tried create a move that has the from and to locations reversed, but the Do button is grayed out. I tried using a negative number on quantity, but this throws an exception. So, how do I reverse this stock move?

First this is the wrong way to setup initial stock, see Setup — trytond_stock latest documentation

To use the “Do” button the “From” location must not be a location that requires assignation like the storage location. For that you need to use a shipment.
But if you want to move product’s quantities to lost and found (which is the wrong location for initial stock), you can make an inventory.

Using the inventory method will work but will generate account moves adjusting the error, which is less clean, but I guess, it is my only choice.

Regarding to your comment

I am curious on how can I distinguish a location that required assignation vs one that does not?

‘view’ and ‘storage’ requires assignation.

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