Stock move causing negative stock balance

When create stock move for prescription it’s creating stock move without evaluating the product balance which causing negative balance ?

[Creating Stock move for specific prescription ]

The stock move is made, then checking products by locations

[Products quantity appears in negative]

Even if the prescription has a products which don’t have an balance in the stock at all, it’s not even being added to the storage!

Do you have any idea about this issue?
Maybe I am not using it in the right way/

Tryton is designed to not prevent to encode movement even if they generate negative quantity because such recording should be done only when the user has physically moved the product.
But there are the shipments that exists as higher level to manage stock moves and they care about the availability of the quantities with the assignation process.

The stock_supply module exists to manage the supply of the stock.

Here I think the problem rely in the GNU Health wizard that creates the moves. It seems to not caring about the quantities (I do not know the usage and if it is valid or not). You should report the problem there: