Changing delivery address and party to packed

Sale party can be changed with the sale_amendment module.
But if you have a shipment packed you can not change the party or the address without cancelling and recreating, (and maybe setting again lots that you already have introduced in the cancelled shipment, doing a assign, pick, pack process that you already have completed in cancelled shipment). I consider this tedious to repeat only to change a thing that you already changed with the correction.

I don’t like the cancel shipment in Tryton approach if the employee is not going to physically cancel the shipment. If you have a wrapped pack of boxes, and you cancel in Tryton the shipment for this scenario you are not going to unwrap, unbox and store again on the shelf to just 1 minute latter do the same process for the new shipment.

From the delivery POV the address could be changed since leaving the warehouse, because the carrier job has not started.

What are your thoughts about?
Do you see improvements?
I’m missing something?

Thanks in advance for your time.

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