Allow to define a custom shipping date on sale

We are selling a lot of products we don’t have in stock (and it’s taking a lot of time to arrive in our stock). Often those products are shipped by sea and shipping time depends a many factors (weather, damages, strikes…).
I saw there was an issue to update delivery date on purchases (Issue 6327: Allow to edit delivery date on purchase line - Tryton issue tracker) but it was not implemented on sales as shipment can be edited.

3 “problems”:

  • Shipment should be edited by trading employees and then giving them access to shipping (we have departments for each job, and we don’t like to mix “functions” and access rights)
  • The new module sale_amendment destroy the moves and then if you have updated the shipment date, the planning date will be erased and updated with the sale date + lead_time
  • We need to confirm the shipping date to the customer (if we change the shipping date for any reason, we need to inform the customer of this update/delay)

For example, we could have a sale that we create today (sale date is then today) but customer needs products in 2 months, so we need to change sale date in the future or update lead_time on each product.

Would be useful to add a “shipping date” like the “delivery date” implemented in this issue ( or in this Nan-Tic module (

There’ll be a default shipping date on the sale, but shipping date could be updated on each sale_line otherwise it’s planned_date.

I have some issue with fixed delivery date on the sale because the date is not really decided but deduced from the circumstance (supplier shipment, stock forecast, etc).

It is more complex than that. It computes the shipping date for the product at the sale date but always use a date in the future (or today).
But the computation of shipping date could be customized to take care of known issue like a supplier delay etc.

I guess this could be done with a notification when the planned date of a shipment/move is changed.

I think delay customer shipment should not be a manual task. It should be computed using the known data in the system.
This could be done with a planning tasks that looks at the stock level and decide to delay some shipments or split.

This may not be relevant, but there are sectors I know of where it is common for customers to place orders, and on the order they will specify the date, or week, that the goods must be delivered.

These deliveries must be booked in with these customers before they can be made. It is not possible to make an early delivery to these customers, and late delivery is penalized (with, for example, a 5 or 10% charge).

Indeed I forgot to talk about this case. For me, it is about registering a “not before” date on the order. So it is another constraint to take when planning shipments.

So it’s missing a field “Shipping date” for the “not before” date (will this field global or on each line of sale)? Or it’s sale date that will be used ? (in this case sale date label is ambiguous because users will often use sale_date field to input the date when they create the sale)

I think by default it should be on sale. For complex scheduling, I guess it will be customization or stock move edition.

No, the sale must stay what it is now.

I’ve added Issue 9307: Add delivery date on sales - Tryton issue tracker which implements this.

We have a customer which manages this case. For them the delivery date is a must and it’s used to schedule the shipments and the linked productions. By default they have a fixed delivery date of 10 days, but for some specific orders they may want to specify product should be delivered in less days (so the shipments should be planned before the default delivery date of the product). For me this behaviour should not be included on default (but added on customization). Do you think this may be usefull for default also?

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