Help with sale procedure and sale return


Today we are facing a stock user mistake. Wondering how to resolve in Tryton?

  • Sale of a product with a lot number.
  • Shipment is in done state but not yet picked by the carrier
  • We notice wrong lot number was sent.

How to resolve this sale to ship with the correct lot number ?

  • Create a sale return from the sale with the same lot number as the original sale ?
  • Recreating a new sale ? Then doing the shipment with the correct lot number…
  • What about the invoice ?

Another questions about sale return (features ?):

  • How to identify a sale return among the sales (in the sale tree view) ?
  • Could we imagine a one2many on sale when there’s a sale return (using sale return’s origin) ?

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

For me this is a mistake. The shipment should not be mark as finished until its picked by the carrier.

Indeed, but how can we solve such case ?

Depends on the invoice and the content of the invoice.
If you need to adjust the invoice, the full sale should be credited.

Otherwise you can just return the goods from the customer and then re-send them with the correct lot. The drawback is that such shipment won’t be linked to the original sale (unless you set the proper origins).

I’m wondering if we should not allow to edit lot on stock move done as long as there is no closed period.

Otherwise I see no other solution than doing a return and then a shipment with correct values.
We could probably have some wizard to help create such return/shipments.

? a lot is stored at a specific location… … you need to edit lot on inventory_move, outgoing_move… and updating location… seems complicated

In our case, we need to attach the invoice to the shipment (international shipping), so we do the shipment to create the invoice and then we could send the shipment… (we should need an extra state ‘send’ after the ‘done’ state of the shipment out :slight_smile: )

Of course if locations are also wrong, fixing lot is not enough.

Are you sure about that? For me it is not necessary the “Invoice” but a only document like an invoice with the price of the goods.

You are probably right, it should solve this process :wink:

In your opinion, the new shipment with the correct information should be made from the original sale?

IMHO this would not show what happened in reality, as there was no (customer) return. A stock shipment amendment process would fit better IMHO.

It would be very complex… assignation is already complicated… it is more than just updating some fields… what about if you switch a location for another… which lots are available ? is it the same product ? is there enough quantity ?

Not necessary. When mistakes happen, data relation can be messy.
What may be tricky is for the “Shipping Invoice” document because the value on the right shipment may be not correct if done manually (the unit price may not be the one on the sale for example).

I see no point to manage errors with such machinery way. This is just over engineering.

We are also asked frequently for a valued delivery note, so we usually add some @property and make use of TaxableMixin to display the sale amounts in a like a value delivery note.
What about creating this document on core?

International shipment does not require value with taxes.