Case sensitivity with boolean operators in filters

We’ve encountered a user problem with filters, namely in Financial->Reports->General Ledger
where something like “Start Balance”: !0 or (Debit: !0 or Credit: !0) is used.

Only, accountants frequently only use ALL CAPS…
Fields, like “Start Balance” or Debit/Credit are seemingly converted to the real field name when an all caps field root is entered, but not with the boolean operators.

So if “Start Balance”: !0 OR (Debit: !0 OR Credit: !0) is entered, the result is not at all logical.
Worse, if you really want a surprise, try entering the above in the SAO client!! :open_mouth:

Is it feasible to support case insensitive boolean operators in filters?

Indeed: Issue 8711: Wrong parsing of filter input with "OR" or "AND" - Tryton issue tracker