Any possibility to order results in search filters

When searching in accounts with parties, it would be nice to get more than one order field.
For example, how to search for records with an order by party and date
In OpenERP it was easy because of the grouping button…

Indeed this is technicaly possible on the server side but the clients only implement the ordering by clickin on the row header which only allows to sort by one column.

From my point of view the current behaviour is good for most users but probably on some reporting screens it will be better to have some kindof button to allow to select multiple sorting options.

BTW, did you have some screenshoot about the UI interface implementing the option to sort by multiple columns?

(unfortunately, for the privacy laws I needed to occlude some things… hopefully the gist of things is evident)
In OpenERP, the order of selecting the regroup buttons is significant too,
it was a powerful feature that everyone really liked.
That is, ‘by partner’ and ‘by period’ is a different display than ‘by period’ and ‘by partner’

But this feature is about grouping and we are talking about sorting.
Grouping on all models is not supported on Tryton

I guess while I’m here, I’ll mention that it is somewhat difficult today to display GL entries in multiple subaccounts. In OpenERP this was easy, as one would only select the root account…

For example, above is just the ‘411116’ account, somewhat like one would get with Account Plan -> Account and selecting that account.

I can’t seem to find a way to stipulate ‘41111’ (or ‘41111%’) in order to get all the subaccounts listed under ‘41111x’.

This turns out to be a bit of a pain as, for example in the French plan, it is designed around easily making subaccounts… so browsing/searching for moves can be difficult without this possibility in Tryton.


Technically speaking (in SQL terms) what you say is correct.
In a simplistic user experience, if it was possible to specify the ORDER clause with the current data, then it would be far more powerful than not having it.
That is, it is somewhat disturbing to be able to sort by date, or by party, but not by party and date.

On a quick research, there seems to have three options:

  • Add an index next to the sorting arrow which show the place in the sorting

    It may be difficult for the user to understand the meaning of the index. But it is easy to use and it does not change the current behavior.

  • Use the column order in the view (and maybe allow to reorder them)

    For me, ordering column is not so great because it is complex to implement and to show the user he can do it. More over the column order may not match the sorting order.

  • Add an “editor” on the side (like the search box)

    The editor is usually reserved for newbie and this makes the feature less accessible. More over it will prevent to show the order on the table (or we need to keep the editor visible which will reduce the available space).

For me, the index solution seems the best choice.

Seems like a good idea.
Couldn’t the index be added in the search box to specify/show the columns in each index?