Beginner's companion - early draft

As promised - here comes the very first version of a beginner’s companion to tryton.
As stated in the paper - it’s not written by an expert, far away from being comprehensive, and don’t expect a major fraction of statements to be correct.

But the courageous may have a look and give me some hints. I think, I should not yet “publish” it as a forum entry, because if may confuse people. Threrefore - here comes a link:


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Great initiative, thanks! As there is no wiki or structured documentation (which is an issue in nearly every project) this is very helpful.
(How) will you allow editing of the document?

In this early stage of the project, please drop me a line - I’ll merge it in.

Lateron, let’s see what the community wants. A wiki page may be a good solution, I don’t know how write access “readthedocs” is granted.

Mr. Herrdeh I found what you have done on your document so far very helpful! Thank you for what you have done so far! Thanks TelematicMan

Thank you, @TelematicMan ! - Best way to express your appreciation is to let me know about mistakes, cryptic wording and other flaws - and send me your findings about how to deal with tryton, so I can incorporate them into the piece.