Application mobile presented on Tryton unconference

Hi all,

I saw on youtube tryton’s unconference, a presentation of a mobile app developped with OnSenUI.

Can we access the source code of this application ?

i search example on work orders, the final goal is exactly the application presented.

Thank you for you whole work

Hi Johan,

I’m the one that presented the mobile application on the Unconference. I’m glad you liked our development.

I’m sorry to say that the source code of the application is not available as this was a application developed for the specific needs of one of our customers. Indeed the implementation is using a lot of custom modules to adapt to the needs of the client.

Having said that I will be happy to discuss in detail what are your needs and see if we can help you to solve them.

There is also chronos that uses quite similar techniques (even if it targets first web addons).

Also both applications are using User Application — trytond 5.3 documentation

Thank you Cédric and Sergi.

I am a tryton’s user since 2013 for my company. My customers wants to change their old proprietary erp.

The functionality that i am seeking is close to what you have presented. My customer have some itinerants technicians. And they want to invoice quickly through the signature of the technical intervention on final customer site.

There are previsionals interventions for maintenance, the technician the morning get his planning and take the road for inspect installation. At the end, the final customer signs the technical intervention. The next deadline intervention will be calculated according to some rule (periodicity, day of intervention, etc.) It is possible while the intervention, invoice somes unexpected articles.

It’s not exhaustive.

Thank you for all.

Also there is traky, a time traking for tryton like chronos but mobile app done in JS with IONIC.

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