I’m pleased to announce

Tryton Community supports the work on to extend the capabilities of the Tryton ERP system. Tryton Community is warm and welcoming, open to all contributions to Tryton.

The policy for Tryton Community, is much more relaxed the’s policy.If you follow a few basic rules, it is a gathering place for contributions that have no place on, especially

  • complementary modules,
  • documentation and videos,
  • tools, for example for installation, administration and documentation,
  • extensions for core modules providing additional capabilities.

Tryton Community aims to make collaboration on Tryton modules and tools attractive, especially to avoid duplication and multiple efforts. The Tryton Community is intended to be a place where a vibrant and agile Tryton community can grow.

The community plans to provide centralized development services to help contributors develop high-quality projects.

As a starting point there are

  • trytoncommunity-setuptool — get rid of all the boilerplate and its
    maintainence burden of

  • tryoncommunity-cookiecutter-module — an enhanced cookecutter template,
    prepared for Tryton Community, using trytoncommunity-setuptool, of
    course. (comming soon)

  • centrally maintained CI/CD pipeline configurations, which can be included in
    your project by just adding three lines

  • module “country-order”

A Space for Free Development

Tryton Community creates a space where Tryton development can unfold more freely. Tryton Community wants to make Tryton more accessible especially to users without programming skills. Therefore, we invite all those active in the Tryton project to contribute to Tryton Community.

For more information please refer to
We are welcoming your contributions.


Thank you so much for this initiative, Hartmut.

I’m quite a lot convinced that fellow friend’s @htgoebel approach can be a valuable impulse to widen the angular field, in order to achieve the improvements Tryton deserves. I’m willing to contribute user feedback and a little money as well in that respect.

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I’m really disappointed by the name of this external initiative because it insinuates that the real Tryton project does not have a community :disappointed_relieved:

Also now when people will talk about the “Tryton Community”, we will no more know what it means.

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I just read all the website text and did not find any reference or insinuation of such fact.

If you really have such feeling I may understand it but it do not think its related to this project.

If you want to talk about it count me in. I’m open to a public discussion here on the forum or by any other method you prefer, even privately. You have all my contact details, just reach me if you want to do so.

He stated that it is the name of the initiative that insinuates that.

And also that the term “Tryton Community” will be confusing if the initiative succeeds.

I agree with both statements.

Names such as “Tryton Forge” or “Tryton Hub” would be clearer IMHO.


We’d rather not discuss the name, it’s just a name. We might get critic no matter which we had chosen.

We’d better focus on which modules and tooling is helpful for many and ought to be shared and collaboratively improved there (if necessary). So: which modules do you want to contribute? :slight_smile:

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No it is not. It is misleading because it creates confusion as it reuses a common term used since the beginning of the project for something else.

You hit one of the points which are not finally settled. For us it was more important to start than to have all open questions answered. We prefer to discuss with more people anyway. So please share your ideas here in the forum. (There is no use in splitting the community by implementing another discussion area.)

For now there is no formal membership. Just request access.

Please no. If you want to talk about this external project, make the discussion happens on project platform.

This is not an external project, it is a project of the Tryton community.

This Forum die the forum of the Tryton Foundation, which’s statues say it will foster the Tryton Community. So this is the place to discuss about Tryton Community.

It is an external project.

Yes this is why the name of the external project is confusing.

There is maybe a semantic misunderstanding.

The “Tryton Community” used to be used to describe the group of people involved in the Tryton project.

Now people who are creating project using Tryton may or may not be part of the “Tryton Community”. It depends only if they are involved in the Tryton project.

Your project is a project which may have a community but it is not the “Tryton Community”. It is another community (which may overlap with the “Tryton Community”).

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I have been following the Tryton project for many years (as well as a number of other open source “business software” projects). Imho, when the term “Community” is used with a specific project (e.g. “Moodle Community”, “Nextcloud Community”, “Mantis Community”, “SeedDMS Community”, “Tryton Community”, etc.), it commonly refers to the community most intimately associated with the project, endorsed by the project leadership and supported by the project with infrastructure (such as a public code repository and forum, wiki, mailing list, etc.).

At least initially, was intentionally distinct from the “Tryton project” community by it’s own description (although it appears the description on has been recently changed, and as has not archived previous revisions I am unable to reference the original text). Consequently, while may represent “a” Tryton community, it cannot be held to represent “the” Tryton Community as would be understood by most readers.

This is a cop-out. There is no such thing as “just a name”, names insinuate definitions and determine interpretations.

Imho, both of these names would imply endorsemet by the Tryton project, and in the current discussion would be equally unsuitable. I think the onus should be on the leaders of to propose a name to the Tryton Foundation for consideration, and the foundation decide suitability according to the constitution of the foundation and the rules for licensing the Tryton trademark (logo).

Imho, the best outcome is for the Tryton Foundation to understand and accept the validity of’s source of motivation and find a way to work together, so that can operate with the endorsement of the foundation (and licensing of the logo), and contribute in a coordinated way to the overall success of the Tryton project without fracturing the community.



Before making the project publicity available it has been discussed with the foundation. Indeed the initial proposal was that the foundation hosted a “Tryton Contrib” project to include more code than the current one. This was rejected by the foundation board so the project continued to evolve without the support of the tryton foundation.

I think this will become a continuation and heated debate started at

First I think that such a place can help small developers and freelances with their source code management. Having everything already laid out and test infrastructure available can also make it more visible.

Second, personally I think that many (if not all) service providers and the bigger developers already have their infrastructure set up and are not going to move to something else. Maybe they would if the place was set up and supported by the Tryton Foundation. But even then, some use Git others use SVN or Mercurial and moving between then will change the (internal) workflow which can be a real pain.

Third, as @dalers pointed out, the name is wrong. I would call it something like tryton.sandbox just to show people that the site is a sandbox where you can play and do things without interrupting the rest of the Tryton Community. The Tryton developers can look over the shoulder and maybe ask for a module to be included in the core.

Fourth, the site seems to be focusing on the German part of the community. Maybe I’m wrong, but then enforce the English language to be used for everything including code, documentation and (code)comments.

In the end, I’m in favor of Add in Heptapod a location to push the nonofficial module - #72 by ced and have some scripts or infrastructure available that makes it easy to send your modules to the package site.


It was not discussed.

We exchanged some emails during the beginning of the summer, @htgoebel proposed what are now the Tryton community rules (or almost those I didn’t read the current ones attentively) and I made some remarks. But they were not even read because he wanted an official statement from the board on his proposal. I hardly call that a discussion.

Anyway a vote was held by the foundation (with a discussion this time). And indeed the proposal did not gather the support of the foundation by a very tight 4 - 3 vote.


Regarding the initiative in itself, it’s a surprise to nobody that I support this kind of project.

At first I didn’t have an issue with the name but for now it seems that it has spurred some misunderstandings, so yeah it would be better if it used another one (I’m not sure it’s technically doable though).

Anyway, we’ll see if it sticks and become a place where people contribute their code and modules or not. I hope people will do it.

Sorry, I meant the proposal was discussed by foundation board and was rejected as you already pointed:

Well, to be clear, the request was the approbation, support and creation of this project as-is by the Foundation and then the Foundation must transfer the ownership to 3 individuals but keep supporting the costs.

It seems you are trying to say something with some sentence but it is not clearly said. Following your last remarks it seems you are insinuation something about the project. If so please make it loud as we are here to discuss anything with respect.