Add Loading State Notification and Inline Notifications


I would like to know if tryton can have custom (or native) loading notifications and toast notifications similar to these, any plans to integrate it? There will be usefull when tryton client is idle or busy.

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Toast notifications are Sending notifications — trytond latest documentation
Inline notifications are raising UserError
Loading state is displayed by the clients: “Processing” label on sao and the watch cursor on tryton.

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I need to see carefully to see the Loading notification. IMHO the notification need to be more visible to the user; generally the loading notification is in the center of the screen and a little more bigger, animated is better too.

With notification in client side, if a record saved the notification is showed until I close it.
I don’t know if is possible to add a timeout to close it automaticly. Automatic close is usefull if have more than 3 open tabs, and need to change but don’t want to close it manually.

This would help a lot in the experience of the user, i share is proposal @iehoshia :+1:

I do not agree. Most of similar notification are very small (sometimes it is only an icon).

Indeed even if it is not a real indication of working: Issue 9619: Animate "Processing..." - Tryton issue tracker

No until there is a change.

Indeed it will be better if it did not prevent tab navigation: Issue 9620: Avoid infobar to navbigate - Tryton issue tracker

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Something to bear in mind is that even when the Processing... notification is visible I don’t think it stops you from interacting with other parts of the client. If it is too big, or invasive then it may cover things that you want to see, or use.

I do like the idea of it closing automatically after a timeout, another improvement might be to allow it to be closed by clicking anywhere on it, instead of having to specifically click on the cross.

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I do not like this because:

  • timeout always requires configuration because we can not assume the time needed by the user
  • the info bar could be display when the user is not in front of the application. So we can not assume he sees it when it will automatically closed.

Good idea: Issue 9621: Close info bar when clicking anywhere on it - Tryton issue tracker

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In these case may can do another way, like AWS do. When an action is called a notification is displayed. If a new action is called , a new notification is added. It can be closed automaticly when the process is finished.

I see your point, so, may can be do like describe above.

I agree, is a good idea too.