Allow the form view to emit informative popup messages

Hi Guys!,

My idea is to allow the form view to emit informative popup messages to the on_change event …
summarizing: that while the fields are edited in the form, informative messages can be generated.
maybe you could add a text-function field to the ModelView class, example self.message_on_change
and that in the client form if ("
message_on_change") {show (info)}

Which kind of message do you want to show?

You can have hidden labels (or even fields) that are shown on a condition which is triggered by on_change :smirk:

Also, we have Error messages (and even warnings) to show them to the user.

I will be against adding more messages without a proper usage rational.

I could see some use case like warning the user who is filling a sale order that the product select is low on stock, or the customer has credit etc.

I do not think we should encourage the message function field with on_change_with because it will computed each time when such messages are only when entering data and it will not be different enough in the rendering than a normal field.
Instead we could use the message notification that client already has (like when record is saved) and have a dedicated method (decorated by fields.depends) that the client will call each time one of the dependencies are modified. It returns a text that is display like a message notification until the user does an action that remove it.

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Also another way would be to use the bus notification which is probably less intrusive (but does not work on Windows for the desktop client).

also as a small statistical message and that supports html tag.

<strong><font color='blue'>Invoices: \n\t authorized : 20\n\t not authorized : 2</font></strong>

as an informative warning

example :

def add_invoice_lines(self, purchase):
    products_sold_warning, lines = self.find_lines(purchase)
    self.lines = lines
    if products_sold_warning:
        self._message = "the products %s were already sold in the previous invoice "%(str(products_sold_warning))

:+1: I like this idea


I started an implementation on Issue 11065: Notification message - Tryton issue tracker


The implementation is ready for testing.