Account Statement "A value is required for field "Party" in "Account Move Line"

Hey i am trying to reconcile transaction into statement of bank account

But i am getting the following error "A value is required for field “Party” in “Account Move Line”. when clicked on validation … is there any tutorial for account statement and bank module ?

The problem is that you have a line that has the party_required flag activated but it does not have the flag.

Did you update the party_required flag on some accounts that already have move?

Thanks for the reply pakoli . as i see the party flag under main receivable can not be modified

Once you have some moves from that account it should not be modified without setting the party value of all existing moves.

Probably tryton should raise an error when trying to change it.

You are not allowed to modify this record.

This record is part of the base configuration

No this is because you are updating the template but you should be allowed to update the account directly.

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