Account_fr: conformance of invoices


I wonder how to conform to some points:
— have invoice number repeated on each page when multi-page: would require in the report invoice.fodt to repeat some tests in header and have a different header on pages > 1, because the same report is used for invoices in draft and posted states
— how to print mentions for professional clients only (fees for due payments)
— show VAT number of the client except if total amount < 150 or client is not a professional
For those two points the question I have is: how could Tryton know a client is a professional except by having a VAT number filled and checked?

Another point probably linked to taxes rules is: how to enforce that sales made to European clients have tax computed if VAT number is not filled in?

How do you know a party is a professional? Is there some diference on the VAT number?

Precisely, that’s why I asked : how could Tryton know a client is a professional except by having a VAT number filled and checked? Consumers individuals don’t have a VAT number.

I think you should try to simplificate the problem. if some elements are required to be present on invoice, it doesn’t mean there are forbidden to be here in others cases.

  • print VAT number if you have it on Party (whatever it is required or not). Please note it is still your responsability to have it when it would be required.

  • always print mentions whatever the kind of customer

about VAT number to tell if a party is professional or not, it isn’t enough: some professional doesn’t have VAT number because they aren’t “assujettis à la TVA” like “auto-entrepreneurs” (and also professional “au forfait” like farmers). But they are still professionals.

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ODT would allow to have a different header for the first page. It should be tested if it works correctly when rendered with Relatorio.

This is part of the definition of the party. When you select the tax rule for EU, you should ensure that you can apply this tax rule to this party.

For the other points, I agree with semarie that there is no point to hide information because they are not required strictly.

Works, I use it in my report. My question is more about how to avoid repeating the same tests; is there a local variable concept to compute a boolean and reuse it on next pages?

semarie is right: let’s have mentions always printed. Ok, it’s up to the user to ensure VAT is applied if there’s no VAT number in EU.

They are variable binding in Genshi but I would not recommend to use it especially to avoid a single repeat. Such directive can create side effect with assignation.