Display Format Party Tax identifier

In the Tryton 6.2 demo version. I create a company and I add its TAX identifier type “Belgian Enterprise Number”
code BE0440740581.
During the validation phase, the 2-character ISO country code is removed for validation. So I have the following value in the code: 0440740581.

When I create an invoice, I can link the TAX number of the PARTY, but I no longer have the information that I chose the Belgian VAT number.
I only have the code and no type info.

When I create the invoice report it is indicated: Belgian Enterprise Number followed by the number without the iso code of the country. This information is not correct at the accounting level because there should normally be the country code in front of the number (in this case BE).

Is it possible to configure this behavior somewhere?

Yes because “BE” is in the type “Belgian Enterprise Number”.

You have the type in the report in the label.

I do not agree. The “BE” is for the European number.

Indeed when doing international business, it is better to only use “European VAT Number”. This can be configured in the “Party → Configuration”.

Probably we should have some way to determine the company identifier to be used on the invoice.
For example, a company that have a be_vat and a eu_vat tryton should be able to use the right identifier depending on the party identifier. By right I mean when invoicing to another european party with eu_vat we should use company eu_vat and use a differnet one otherwise.

For me the current behavior based on the order is enough.

I do not think it is invalid to display be_vat on an invoice even outside the country.
It is just that people are used to the European format.

Thanks for your feedback.
It works fine when I use “European VAT Number” as type. I have the country code which remains present on the tax identification number. Which is the desired behavior.

There is just an effect linked to BREXIT. because English companies had a standard VAT number: GB313615782 but this number can no longer be validated as “European VAT Number”. If I want to continue to display GB313615782 on my invoices (which my customers request) I must leave NONE as the identification type. This way the GB code is not removed but I no longer have any integrity checks on the number.

I think you must use XI as prefix for European VAT number for Northern Ireland.

Otherwise maybe we should have a custom rec_name for identifier that would format some identifier like the vat to append the country code. But there is some cases that should be look carefully like the ELGR and XIGB.
But normally the label gives all the correct information.