64-bit Mac Client for older Tryton

I have an older Tryton install (3.4), which I would very much like to be able to access using a MacOS Catalina computer. Unfortunately, Catalina does not open 32-bit programs (such as the existing Tryton 3.4 client). Is there a way to build a 3.4 client as 64-bit?

3.4 series was using py2app which was replaced later by cx_freeze which is simpler to maintain.
I think it will be a difficult job to build on recent stack with py2app but you can try to install the requirements with Homebrew and run tryton 3.4 from source.

Thank you for input.

I already have the Tryton 3.4 client running from source using Homebrew, but brew upgrade breaks it. I am hoping to be able to isolate the Tryton execution, so that I can upgrade for the rest of my computer. I tried using a virtual environment, but that wasn’t successful.

The error I get after brew upgrade has to do with gobject (unfortunately, I don’t have it written down, and to reproduce it I would need to run the upgrade (breaking my computer, and then restore it from backup)).

Do you have any insight on how to upgrade, generally, but retain the older libraries, just to run the Tryon client?

Thank, again.

I guess the problem are linked to the usage of deprecated GTK-2.
I see no other solution than updating to a maintained version (of Tryton but also dependencies).

That’s what I was afraid of. Thank you for your advice.