How to build Mac OS X Tryton Client?

Tested with High Sierra (10.13.6)

  • Install brew, an alternative package manager for Mac OS X.
  • Open terminal and install the following packages:
brew install PyGObject3 GooCanvas adwaita-icon-theme gtkspell3 --force-bottle
pip3 install babel 'GooCalendar>=0.4' cx_Freeze
  • Alter sys.prefix in ~/
printf "\nimport sys\nsys.prefix = '/usr/local'\n" >> ~/
chmod +x
  • Make Darwin installer:
  • The tryton-X.Y.Z.dmg is created in the current directory.

  • Optional: Install the Tryton client with pip3:

cd tryton
pip3 install .
  • Optional: Test the Tryton client:
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