Tryton installation on Mac OS

Hi, I am interested in using Tryton for my business. Can someone provide me with some support/input on how to instal Tryton on Mac OS. Whats confusing is the various options of instal; Docker Image, Desktop Client and Source File. Which of these do I need to instal in order to run offline on my Mac OS desktop?

Thank you.

Tryton has a three tier architecture. So there are a MacOS client (or a web client). But for the application tier, there is no ready to use build of trytond due to its modular nature. So you need a server with trytond installed (or you can try to install it on your desktop using a python environment).

Thank you for your reply. How do I install it on my desktop using a Python environment?

You need to use the packages but it is not an easy task if you do not have experiences with Python and virtual environment.
Also I think the Python embedded in MacOS is too old for Tryton so you will have to install a more recent.