Which graphical backend are your users running?

I have worked last friday on an issue with the way the selection widget works on the editable trees.
I am happy to say that I have a fix for the issue BUT this fix only works on wayland and windows.

So now I’m wondering what graphical backend are your users running.

  • sao
  • tryon under Windows
  • tryton under X11
  • tryton under Wayland
  • tryton under Quartz (MacOS)

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AFAICT there is a good chance that they’re using X11 if they are using KDE or an Ubuntu that’s more than 2 years old. If they are using a recent GNOME, they default to Wayland as does the newer Ubuntu releases.

XFCE is starting with 4.20 using wayland - so it’s not on all XFCE-desktops right now …

As the X maintainer said himself:

So, is Xorg abandoned? To the extent that that means using it to actually control the display, and not just keep X apps running, I’d say yes. But xserver is more than xfree86. Xwayland, Xwin, Xephyr, Xvnc, Xvfb: these are projects with real value that we should not give up. A better way to say it is that we can finally abandon xfree86.

So it’s no wonder that sooner or later almost everyone will use wayland (unless you really really want to use xorg), GNOME has switched, ubuntu (IIRC they have their own environment) has switched, XFCE is switching and I guess that KDE will do so in a while.

But anyway an interesting fact from the poll is that sao is the most used client. I knew it would be the case (for our own tryton I use sao instead of tryton, in fact I only use tryton when I am developing but I’m not a typical tryton user I guess) but it’s good to know that it’s really the plateform our users prefer (probably because it’s easy to deploy and you can access it from anywhere).

There are other Unix than Linux. It seems that https://www.xenocara.org/ will still be used for awhile.

That’s not the point because even on Linux some people will keep on using xorg. The point is that the bulk of the users will switch.

And while I can understand the choice of openbsd, it’s a bit strange given that the attack surface of wayland is smaller than the one of X11 (but it’s probably easier to maintain existing code than to port a complete graphic stack and they are short on manpower).

In my case I use SAO for our Tryton (as you do), and Tryton-gtk under X11 for develop because some other applications still does not work 100% in Wayland.
About our users, the 99% of them use tryton-gtk in Windows.

I prefer to use the Tryton client on Linux, and I use SAO only when I want to see for example two products at the same time side by side.

The problem with such a poll is always that it can not be representative.
I for one prefer the GTK client, our customers use by guess 75% GTK client, 25% SAO.

End even then you could use the trick to put hostname/ipv4/ipv6 addresses of the same target host for different clients :wink: