How to disable SAO client and allow only GTK client

Hello Tryton team,
I’m trying to disable SAO on my current instance, my trytond.conf is:

uri = postgresql://
path = /home/user/attach
language = es

listen = *:8000
root = /home/user/package

I tried removing the web block and used instead:

listen = *:8000
root = /home/user/package

But get connection reset by peer, is it possible to have only gtk?
Thanks in advance

Not really because the client are thin-client so the server does not know which kind of client its is spoken to.
You could just not serve sao files by removing it from the [web] root but this does not prevent someone to still use it himself.

Oh I see, yes I tried to put a wrong path on root= and always got 405 error. But I thought a better solution could be possible, thanks for quick response!

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