What package or module do i need to install

if i want the following feature

  1. contact
  2. employee
  3. real estate
  4. sales
  5. purchasing
  6. inventory
  7. accounting

Im also kinda curious about the 3rd party integration module like it stated on the site taht it can automate communication and such. Can anyone tell me some of the popular 3rd party module? are the maintainers of the 3rd party modulenot part of the original tryton team?

also is it true i can create my own module in tryton? if so are there some popular module created by other developer tahst worth a try?

Probably it’s worth isntalling: party_relationship, company, sale, purchare, stock, account and account_asset modules. If you provide rental services, you may be also interested on sale_subscription and sale_subscription asset modules.

You can find some of them on the Third party modules category or by using the Tryton classifier on PyPI

Of course, everyone is free to create it’s own modules to include it’s own customizations or to develop some extra functionalities.