Well, who is updating docs at docs.tryton.org ???

I am installing Tryton…
Go as suggested to “official”:
How to install Tryton — trytond latest documentation (latest!!!)
taping at (easy install!):
What happened?
Well, I am going by the next link…

Yes, I am a professional. I can do that without docs.
Also, I can read it here:

Docker Image step-by-step instructions

But, is that “a well-supported” system that I want to sell to my customers?


I would answer it is you who is updating the documentation: Tryton - Get Involved

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Hi Constatine,

Thanks for raising this topic, probably none of us was aware of this issue.

Indeed there are several ways to install tryton that are not listed on the current docs. So probably it will be great to improve the page to include some links on the available docs.

I will say that anybody can update the documentation. It will be great if so can submit a proposal to improve the current documentation. If you have any doubts on how to do so or which content should be included please leave us a message here and we will try to assit you as possible.

I am happy to improve. And yes, I want to share my knowledge and experience. How could I add/rewrite some text there (https://docs.tryton.org/)?
There is much room for improvement there…
I will add a message with my suggestion as the next…

Great to hear that! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Docs are rendered from the readthedocs repository. This is someway an introduction to the documentation of all the tryton components documentation which resides into the doc folder of each repository. For example the server docs from the doc folder in the trytond package

Yes, we had a resume on some tasks to work on the Season of Docs 2020 proposal. All the accepted work is resumed in GSoD Project - Documentation for Basic Modules.

Please read it carefully as there is a proposal for a style guide that should be followed when documenting.