Website builder built in?

Hello guys, i came accros this platform and i though was a good idea to ask some question, since i tried Odoo back, i am kinda looking for a alternative, my first question is if tryton has a website builder, if not what will be the solution to sell online and handle all in the back with tryton, (if is possible), or am i mistaking and this product is mainly for services providers company? let me know. thank you

No, Tryton does not have a website builder included.
We do not think it is the role of an ERP nor the best tool to build a website.
Indeed there are plenty of existing Open Source projects that are better for that.

We have Minimal e-shop for Tryton talking about this.
At B2CK, we have build some e-commerce website using Flask and flask-tryton which allows to communicate between Flask application and Tryton database. We made a presentation at the TUL2017 about how we built a webshop in 1 month :video_camera:.
But I think in the future we are going to decouple both using a custom Rest API.

For completeness, I must mention that there is Nereid (but I’m not sure it is still maintained).

Although there’s not a WYSIWYG editor, we use several galatea modules and flask blueprints to create some websites (usually e-commerce but not only).

Here’s an e-commerce example and a standard home page.

Here a list of some of the modules we used to build those sites: