Version of Postgres

What versions of Postgres does the latest Tryton support? Does it support Postgres 13?

Trytond uses psycopg2.
Installing Trytond 5.8 using pip got me psycopg2 2.8.6.
psycopg2 2.8.6 has support for Postgres 13, but I have not tested it.

I can confirm tryton 5.8 works with Postgres 13 as we have some instances using this version.

The rule is that each series of Tryton support the supported version of PostgreSQL when the series was released the first time. So as PG13 was released on 2020-09-24, it is supported by 5.8 series which come just after.
But our continuous integration always fetch the last PostgreSQL docker image and it is very rare that new PostgreSQL version become incompatible with Tryton.

Thanks for the information - it is good to know.

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