Tryton and postgis


I want to use the postgis module with tryton. How do you procede to install on server side ?

You should install the trytond-gis backage on your server.

Once installed you should use the postgis:// schema on the database uri property of your configuration file

From scratch with pip, could you give me the sequence of different command to past to install complete server with support of postgis ?


The sequence were :
1/ pip3 install trytond
2/ pip3 install trytond-gis
3/ pip3 install trytond-modules

I can connect with sao on http://localhost:8000 on the tryton base but not with the client 4.8 ?

You should check if localhost correctly resolve into IPv4 and/or IPv6.
Also check that the known_hosts does not contain an entry for localhost:8000 with a wrong fingerprint.