Using OCR in Tryton

If I use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for the sales / purchase invoice part in tryton, is there any APIs to get the results and put them into the right field, right table on the database according to profession?

Every Tryton model stored in the database has the same API: Model — trytond 5.5 documentation

So once you’ve retrieved all the strings and data from the the document you can make a search to find the relevant party on the Model, then create a sale thanks to the Model, and so on …

In order to access those models, you can either use proteus, the tryton scripting client, or directly import trytond.

What about this?

It seems to resolve both steps in Tryton.
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Sincerely thanks @jeromarquez :slight_smile:

You’re welcome!
Please give us an opinion of your experience for all the community to know how it works. And what are the features of the module.
I didn’t try it because I’m already implementing Tryton and I had no time yet, but if it works fine, and save time and work, probably we’re going to use it.

Also @albert would appreciate your opinion I think.

incidental i found this App: Its not related to tryton, but maybe it is helpfull.

@jeromarquez that’s a quite interesting module. Is this module available for free?

I don’t know, I have never used it. Just watched the video and it was very pretty. Maybe @albert knows.