Attach image from source

I was wondering if exist any way to attach a image from the scanner source to a record by a simple click in Tryton as exist in other programs (frecuently image programs). It would be very useful and speedy. Now we have to use the scanner program, save the image at a directory temporaly, attach it to the record and then erase it from the directory. I think that adding this feature would increase the use of the attaching feature.
Thanks in advance.
Jerónimo from Argentina.

I do not think there is a standard API to communicate with scanners (and neither cross-platform).
But I think it should not be difficult to create a client plugin that adds this feature for a specific scanner.

That sounds good. ¿Any idea from where to explore? ¿Is there any guide to deploy a plug-in? Thanks!

There is the default translation plugin in tryton/plugins that can be used as example.
For deployment, you must just drop it in the plugins directory.

Perfect! I’m going to explore. If I can do something functional I’m going to share it here. Thanks!

Hi! @ced is there any documentation regard how to develop a plug-in for tryton client? I remember that b2ck gaves a video-tutorial about this stuff, but I did not found any documentation or video at youtube channel talking about plugin development.

@jeromarquez I found some other tryton plugins that can be an example for your needs. The GNU Health Camera plugin developed by GNU Health.

See ya!