User groups hierachy and permissions

Where can I find documented What imply each one of the default group roles to be assigned to new users?
(Admin -> users -> Groups)

I don’t mean each permission set but a general idea of the purpose for each default group.

  • Hierachy if some group like “Administration” assumes other’s permissions or not.

Well, we try to use explicit name like sale group is to have access to sale orders, account for accounting etc. And the group ended by “Administration” is to have access to setup.
For more detail, you have to look at the “Access Permission” tab of the group.

The is no hierarchy, the group implementation is flat.

Then, default groups are not documented?

Here an example to take into account:

Such documentation that repeat the XML configuration tent to become inaccurate very quickly. We prefer that the application is self documented (especially because of its modular nature).