User group 'parent' field

I was just wondering about the parent field in the user groups form. Can I use this field to start with a very strict group and then create a new group which has the strict group as parent and loosen its some access rights?

For example, I have a group A which has only read access to a model, then I create new group B with group A as parent, but also write access to some fields. Is that possible?

A group inherits all the rights defined on the parent group.
For example, the Sale Administration group has the Sale group as parent. This means that is allowed to do all the Sale Administration access plus the Sale access.

If the same user has several access to the same model it will apply the less restrictive. In your case the group A will have only read access but the group B will have both read and write access.

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Thanks, it is what I was hoping for :clap: Just one small question to make things clear:

Imagine that a user is in both groups A and B, that user will have all the rights of both groups right? So read access (from group A) and write access to some fields (from group B).

Right. A user that is on both group has the same effect as an user that is on the child group (as it inherit all the access of the parent group).

We added the parent group to simplify the configuration as we found ourself duplicating the rules due to users beeing in diferent groups.

Thanks for the explanation!

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