Usage pattern in order to avoid tryton quit confirmation

Following: option-to-disable-confirmations-in-clients.

Usually I leave at least Party and Sales tabs open in order to be able to quickly look up customer data, or modify/create a sale when the phone rings.

This means that I am always left with at least two, if not more tabs open.
The correct way to gracefully close the client is to press Ctrl+W until all tabs are closed, and then press Ctrl+Q. What ends up happening is that I usually just kill my window manager, ending the tryton process, which is not very nice.

I want to ask what usage pattern other users have in order to avoid this bad habbit, due to lack of patience.

For example one idea is to include Party model in Administration / Models in global search, that way I could search for a party by pressing Ctrl+K, type party name, and open the party.

For sale, I do not have any such ideas.

I just press <CTRL>+Q and confirm that I want to close all.
But usually I left no tab opens indefinitely and use the action with <CTRL>+K to access parties or menu entries.

I normally have more frequent menu options as favourites, then I can open fast in just a click and perform what I need.
This way you avoid to have open tabs that are not needed anymore.

Thank you for the input.

For me <Ctrl+K> → Sale → <Down arrow><Enter> is actually faster than Favourites menu, for which I would have to switch to Mouse and make two clicks since I could not find a keyboard shortcut for it.

Then probably it makes sense to add a favourites keyboard shortcurt.
For example, in firefox I can see my bookmarks with <Ctrl+B>, so probably we can do the same in tryton (and use <Alt+B>) for sao.

I have thought about this a few times before today.
It would make sense, and it would speed up my work-flow a little.

Out of the three items on top left of tryton Bookmarks is the only one not having a keyboard short-cut.

Edit: I just created a Menu item called Bookmakrs where I can add the actions I use often. This way I can use the <Ctrl+M> to activate it. I guess this is more useful than a Bookmarks shortcut.

I set actions to open the four thumbnails I use when loging in and close the main menu.
Then I answer “yes” when there is no need for a password, else I close the window.

This is a workarround for exactly the Bookmarks keyboard shortcut :man_shrugging:
I think it’s better to just implement the shortcut so everybody can benefit for it.

I created an issue assigned to myself:

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