Option to disable confirmations in clients

I am refering to confirmations such as:
The following action requires you to close all tabs, while exiting with tabs open.
This record has been modified, do you want to save it?, while closing a tab showing a modified record.

Once used to how tryton works I feel like these confirmations are more time consuming than helpful, besides it helps you become more disciplined the expectation that a confirmation will save you from losing unsaved data.

For example due
Of course, the defaults should be to ask for confirmation, but I think there should be an option to disable the confirmations and assume the user knows what he is doing.

I have searched the forum, and it surprises me that nobody has expressed interest in this.
If this feature exists please do point me to the documentation, if not, I would like to ask if others are interested in such a feature.

I do not think so. Once used to the behavior you will mostly no more have such warning because you have take the steps needed in advance.

Also for me it is always good to warn user before loosing his unsaved data even if he is used to the software.

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This means that my usage pattern is not optimal, or I lack patience.

You are right, that my suggestion would help me ameliorate my issues with one change, while in reality I have multiple small issues that need to be solved at the root. since I have noticed that creating new topics is favoured I am asking about these issues below: