Usage of Dashboard module

Hey Guys,

I’ve just found the Dashboard module, but there is little information about it.

After installation, I think that it should be configured in some way since it does not appear anything except the reload button when I click on it.

Any ideas on how to configure or work with it?

Thank you

The dashboard can be configured in the user form (Administration > Users > Users). There you should select the “Action Windows” you want to show.

However, first, you’ll have to go to the Action Windows menu entry and those you want to be available set the value “dashboard”’ to the “Usage” field. Aftewards, you’ll be able to use them as actions in the User’s configuration form.

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Thanks Albert. This is a really nice module. I knew it ;)…

Just wondering if there is a way to visualize plots. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help :wink:

Yes. In Tryton, you can show data with several tools:

  • Forms
  • Lists / Trees
  • Calendars
  • Charts (Bar, Line or Pie)

For that, you’ll have to create a new Action Window (you’ll want Usage = dashboard as mentioned above) and a view of type Graph linked to it. You can find more information regarding the creation of Graph views in the documentation:

Great work guys.

Thanks for everything :wink:

Now it will be great to provide a doc/index.rst for dashboard module.

I still have to do some work with the module to get the total idea of it. In time I can provide some documentation. It’s a really useful module and it really deserves some good documentation, especially with some good examples.

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