Update prices in invoice drafts

Hello everybody,

I have a number of invoice drafts pending; in the meanwhile I introduced some change in prices. How can I update prices to present levels without having to touch and check every single invoice position?


There is no such functionality in standard modules.
Normally if you agreed a sale in a price, the invoie will come in the same price no mather if new prices have been introduced.

This is how it was in the good old days. I think things are changing now. Delivery times may get much longer, prices are rising much more quickly than during last ~15yrs.

In computer hardware business, prices always have been volatile, we have the expression “Tagespreis” (“today’s price”) in German for products where prices are subject to daily modification.

Recent days I found another application for such an “price update” feature: mistakes. I always make many mistakes… ):
I forgot to set the correct price list for a customer, so all prices were wrong in that sale. And of course - lazy bone I am - I’d like the computer to do the correction work.

I do not think we should have shortcuts for fixing mistakes. The proper fix is to set the price list of the customer so the right prices are set.

If you suffer the pain of updating all the invoices prices to the right one I bet you will never forget to set the right price list for a new customer.

Also the quotation step is there to agree with the customer about the prices.

Sorry, I cannot agree with you. People are making mistakes, all the day. Repeatedly.

You guys (programmers, nerds, geeks …) are very good in doing things in an extremely precise matter. That’s your special gift. The rest of us does not have that gift. We’re making mistakes all the day, and we want software to support us with this shortcoming.


There are other sectors too, I have it in my business conditions. Long running projects like creating a building most of the time has this clause. For example steel prices will change over time and when reaching a difference of say 10% in price, the customer is invoiced with the higher price.

So, I think there can be a wizard which does the changes for you, but by default that wizard is switched off, like the ‘cancel customer invoice’ which you have to switch on explicitly.

There is no point to create the invoice in advance for such long running projects for which price can change.